Directed by Mary Rath

A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR PICTURES presents “SCYCHO” Robyn Scott Caleb Warren Written and Directed by Mary Rath Producers - Mary Rath and Caitlin Yarbrough Executive Producer - Mary Rath Starring Robyn Scott as Girl in the Shower Featuring Caleb Warren as Edward Scissorhands Director of Photography - Mary Rath Production Designer - Mary Rath Edited by Mary Rath Associate Producer - Caleb Warren Costume Designer - Sally Rath Music Composer - Caitlin Yarbrough Casting Director - Mary Rath Make Up Design - Sally Rath Sound Design - Mary Rath Sound Editor - Caitlin Yarbrough Assistant Sound Editor - Mary Rath Editing Consultant - Sally Rath The following SFX were used under the creative commons from “Squeaky shoes” by drewskie7, “knife sharpen” by glencurtisadams, “door creak 2” by jarredgibb, “slice01” by kingsrow, “sharpen knives messer schleifen” by gblanke, “2 liter sprite bottle hitting the top and side of my head” by depwl9992, “scuffly shoes on wood 2” by project-trident, “sonic melon sample” by _sonic_